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StrokeWatch for Windows Phone Usage

There is a version of this application for Windows Phone 7.1 and a very similar version for Windows Phone 8. The only difference is that the Windows Phone 8 version supports the optional spoken stroke rate output.

Starting and Monitoring

If you wish to obtain the drive ratio in addition to the stroke rate tap on the Calc Ratio check box before tapping the Start button..  Tap on the Start button to begin. This starts a stopwatch whose value in minutes and seconds is displayed at the top of the screen.  Each tap of the button should occur at the appropriate point in the rowing stroke as indicated on the button.  The button label indicates which point of the stroke is expected next, depending on whether you have indicated if you wish to capture the drive ratio.

The calculation results are displayed on the screen once sufficient stroke cycles have been detected.  The values are displayed for 1, 3 and 10 strokes.   If the interval between catch times is greater than 5 seconds (12 strokes a minute) the application starts a new series of stroke calculations.  If there are fewer strokes in a series than the indicated intervals the calculation will include the smaller number of strokes in the series up to that point.

You can tap the Voice checkbox, available in the Windows Phone 8 version, at any point before or after starting a session.  When it is checked every third calculation of the stroke rate for three strokes will be spoken in the phone's default voice.

The results displayed will either include in just the stroke rate of strokes per minute or the drive ratio which is the percentage of the stroke cycle taken by the drive portion – the time between the catch and release.  The stroke cycle time is the time between one catch and the next.

If you wish to capture only the stroke rate the button will always indicate Catch.  You can tap the button on subsequent catch points in the stroke to capture the stroke rate.  You should tap at the exact point of the stroke for a number of consecutive strokes in order to get an accurate stroke rate.  If you are not capturing the drive ratio you can select any specific and precise point in the stroke.  The catch is typically the easiest and most reliable point for this purpose but the release is almost as good.

If you wish to capture the drive ratio in addition to stroke rate then button will indicate to tap at either Catch or Release.  In this case, it is important to make the taps at the precise points in the stroke cycle.

You can stop a session of recording by pressing the View button at the top of the screen.  This will save the session and display the information on the screen.


Session results are saved to the computer when you tap the View icon from the recording, main, screen.  Session results can be deleted either from the session view screen or the list of sessions screen.  You can get a list of saved sessions by tapping the Sessions button  from the main screen.  Any saved session timestamps are listed with the newest on top. You can click on a timestamp to view the results screen for that session. 

Viewing session results shows all obtained in time sequence.  The elapsed time of the stopwatch is displayed in the left column and the stroke rate and, optionally, the drive ratio is displayed in the column corresponding to the stroke intervals. You can use the normal Windows Phone gestures to scroll and resize the contents of the display.

While viewing a session's results you can upload the session to the Microsoft cloud. You can delete the session by tapping the Delete button.