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StrokeRates Usage

Starting and Monitoring

To start the timers tap on the Start button. This starts a stopwatch whose value in minutes and seconds is displayed at the top of the screen. The buttons for the boats are displayed and the current rate for any boat can be measured, displayed and recorded by tapping the boat number at the same point in the stroke. The stroke rate is displayed next to the boat number on each subsequent tap of the boat's button.

Not all 8 boats appear on the screen so you can scroll up and down to view the boats of interest.

You can stop a session of recording by pressing the Stop button at the top of the screen or the View Icon View icon.


Session results are saved to the phone when you tap the View icon from the recording, main, screen.  Session results can be deleted either from the session view screen or the list of sessions screen.  You can get a list of saved sessions by tapping the Sessions icon Sessions icon from the main screen.  Any saved session timestamps are listed with the newest on top. You can click on a timestamp to view the results screen for that session.  You can delete all sessions by tapping the DeleteAll icon DeleteAll icon from the session list screen.

Viewing session results shows all stroke rates for all boats which were tracked in time sequence.  The elapsed time of the stopwatch is displayed in the left column and the stroke rate for the boat monitored is displayed in the column corresponding to that boat. You can use the normal Windows Phone gestures to scroll and resize the contents of the display.

While viewing a session's results you can upload the session information to the Microsoft cloud, formerly known as SkyDrive, by tapping the Upload icon View icon. You can delete the session by tapping the Delete icon Delete icon.